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Saturday, 31 December 2011

assalamualaikum,, again.. bnyk pulak entry aku masukkan,, actually bosan,,walaupun homework memanggil2 name cik nurfarhanaroslan mintak disiapkan,,tp cik nurfarhanaroslan ni degil betul laa,,, ouchh..hehe.. aku ade jumpe satu sajak.. sajak ke?? ntah laa,,,tp ckup buat aku speechless sebntar.. here it is..

I am available but not for sale,
Don't you ever expect me in your mail,
There's only one story beneath this veil,
It's modesty, and not an ad to hail,
Woo me not because you will surely fail,
You really really think I am that frail?
You're not a hammer and I'm not a nail,
I don't want a boyfriend, he's such an ail,
I would prefer to be stuck in a jail,
But I'm free of you and your fairytale,
If you want me then be the alpha male,
Don't hide in your shell like a slimy snail,
Be my husband, by Allah we stand still.

ouhhh,,,hahah,, yg ayat bwh sekali mcm lame lg kot,, haha,, (ape2 je,,hehe)..

salam sayang..

lots of love.